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Winter Festival in Bryce Canyon
February 18-21, 2022
by Lin Chao

February 18, 2022

What a wonderful Bryce Canyon Winter festival trip we had, the weather was almost perfect: not too windy and not too cold. However, we wish there was more snow, but we were happy with what mother nature gave to us.

Jackie, Laura, Terry and Lin met at Bell Rd. & I-17 in the early morning of Feb 18. We caravanned to Bryce Canyon. On the way, we stopped at Horseshoe Bend for a dream-come-true time, we stopped at Marble Canyon for photos, and we arrived at our hotel at Ruby’s Inn at 5:30 PM. Michael and Carol were already there. The six of us ate dinner, discussed our plans for the next day based on the weather forecast, and decided to meet early in the morning to do the Rim walk from Bryce Point.

Enjoy the moment at Horseshoe Bend: Laura, Jackie, Terry. [photo by Lin]
Famous Horseshoe Bend. [photo by Lin]
They are on top of World: Laura, Terry and Jackie. [photo by Lin]
What a view! Jackie, Laura and Terry. [photo by Lin]

February 19, 2022

The morning was very pleasant. We got into two cars and drove to Bryce Point to start our very first hike: Rim Walk. The View at Bryce Point was marvelous. However, after just short walk, the rim trail was closed due to icy conditions on the trail. We decided we to drive to Rainbow Point (9115 ft) which is highest view point in Bryce, where we checked every overlook point – Yovimpa point, Black Birch Canyon, Ponderosa Point, Agua Canyon, Natural Bridge, Farview Point, Piracy Point, Swamp Canyon.

Group picture at Bryce Point. [photo by Lin]
Michael, Jackie, Carol, Laura, Terry
Group picture at Inspiration Point. [photo by Lin]
Group picture at Rainbow Point: Terry, Michael, Jackie, Laura, Carol, Lin. [photo by Lin]
Natural Bridge. [photo by Lin]

After the 18-mile scenery drive, we went back to Sunset Point, then hiked to Inspiration Point. Some of us still had lots of energy, so we drove to Mossy Cave to check the waterfall and the Cave. Sunset Point is only few miles from our hotel, so a half hour before sunset, we went back to Sunset Point to watch the Sunset. What a fabulous day!

Waterfall at Mossy Cave, or Icefall? [photo by Lin]
Terry and Jackie walk on the Ice Creek. [photo by Lin]
Ice formations at Mossy Cave. [photo by Lin]
Sunset at Sunset Point. [photo by Lin]

February 20, 2022

Today we had two groups and hiked two trails. Terry and Jackie hiked the Fairland Loop, which is 8.6 miles from Sunrise Point; Michael, Carol and Lin hiked the Sunrise, Queen’s Garden and Sunset loop, which is 3.5 miles.

Carol and Michael are enjoying this hike. [photo by Lin]
It is a fun trail. [photo by Lin]
It is beautiful day at Sunrise and Sunset Loop. [photo by Lin]
Carol is on other side of a tunnel. [photo by Lin]
There is very little snow on the trail, but we still have lots of fun. [photo by Lin]

The weather forecast showed there was a strong winter storm moving in on Monday, since none of us want to drive during the winter storm, we decided to leave one day earlier than planned and drove to Kanab to stay one night there. The drive to Kanab was beautiful, we stooped at Coral Pink Sand dunes for a quick walk with in windy and blowing sand conditions. Dinner? We had yummy French food. The wine was good, the food was excellent, the dessert? It was out of this world.

Group picture at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. [photo by Lin]
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. [photo by Lin]
It was windy, but it’s time to go back to the car. [photo by Lin]
Yummy Dessert at a French Restaurant at Kanab. [photo by Lin]

February 21, 2022

Today we were going our separate ways. Carol and Michael are going to Page to do more scenery exploring; Terry was planning to go home directly; Laura, Jackie and Lin ahead to Death Valley to have another adventure.

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