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Butcher Jones Day Hike
Saguaro Lake
December 5, 2015
by Ted Tenny
Jim’s    GPS Map 
Jim’s   Elevation 
Ted’s   Trail Map 
Ted, Michael, Suzanna, Chuck, John, Kim Z., Steve, Kim B.
Tamar, Jeanne, Jim, Ric, Crystal, Lise, Cherish, David, Ray

Seventeen sagacious Trailblazers started out from the Butcher Jones Picnic Area on a brisk December morning. We started by walking to the water’s edge for bird watching, then hopped on the Butcher Jones Trail.

“The Butcher Jones area is named for a person,” Ted explained. “He was a doctor who lived during Arizona territorial days, when this was ranch land. Apparently he didn’t have the best reputation. The name stuck.”

Ducks on the water don’t mind the morning chill. [photo by John]
Now don’t get my feathers ruffled. I do have a leg to stand on. [photo by David]
Four Peaks, from the trail near Peregrine Cove.
The trail provides a gentle climb up to a lookout. [photo by John]
Peregrine Point
Four Peaks, from the end of the trail.
Hikers discuss world events at trail’s end. [photo by David]
At the lookout we have a fine view of Saguaro Lake. [photo by Steve]
Northward view from the end of the trail. [photo by John]
Water in the desert?  Sure. [photo by John]

The trail took us up to an overlook, then down near the water for the first of four side trails for shoreline access. Some of us hiked them all, while others just stayed on the main trail.

The Butcher Jones Trail ends at a stunning overlook of Saguaro Lake with the Four Peaks in the distance. You can see Burro Cove to the north and Ship Rock to the south.

Teddy bear chollas cheer us on as we start walking back to the trailhead.
Lichens like the Precambrian granite.
Yes, we saw a snake in December.

Hikers got separated on our walk back to the picnic area. Jeanne and Ted saw a snake, quite unexpected in December. No rattles. It was about a foot long and slithered quickly into the bushes.

Supplemental Report
by Jim Buyens

Thanks again, everyone, for hiking with Arizona Trailblazers, and especially to you, Ted, for being such a great leader. Water in the desert is always a treat, and the spans along the shore were spectacular. And wonder of wonders, I managed to stay upright through the entire route!


Jim’s Hike Statistics
Total Distance:5.75miles
Starting Time:8:54AM
Moving Time:2:46hrs:min
Stopped Time:0:42hrs:min
Finishing Time:12:23PM
Avg. Speed Moving:2.1mph
Avg. Speed Overall:1.7mph
Starting Elevation:1,533ft
Minimum Elevation:1,493ft
Maximum Elevation:1,680ft
Total Ascent:890ft
Starting Temperature:47°
Finishing Temperature:73°
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