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Pass Mountain Trail Day Hike
Usery Mountain Regional Park
January 26, 2008
by David Bickford
  Trail Map 
Frank, Ted, Aaron, David, Lynda
Brrrr!   We can feel the wind on this chilly morning.
Each color is a different species of lichen.

Despite threats of rain, participants enjoyed a beautiful morning of hiking on the Pass Mountain Trail in the Goldfield Mountains.

David, Ted, Aaron, Frank, Lynda, and canine companion Chloe gathered at 8:30 AM at the Wind Cave Trailhead at Usery Mountain Regional Park.

We set out on the 7.5-mile loop trail in a clockwise direction, initially heading north.

The rain earlier in the week had left the sky free of dust, haze, and smog, so we as we walked, we were able to take in stunning views of the Phoenix skyline, the McDowell Mountains, Fountain Hills, South Mountain, and even the Sierra Estrella.

We ascended gradually, moving in and out of washes and small canyons and then turned toward the east.

A distant view of the Four Peaks welcomes us to the pass.

At several scenic overlooks, we were able to see the Salt River, the Four Peaks, and various peaks in the Goldfields.

On the east side of Pass Mountain, we stopped for a break near the interesting rock formations at the pass for which the mountain is named.

Since the pass tends to concentrate the wind, we moved on quickly and began a steady descent to the south side of the mountain.

In the final segment of our hike, we passed by the Cat Peaks.

Throughout the hike, Ted used his expertise in the Goldfields to point out alternative trails, geological details, and landmarks.

The group concluded its hike at 1:00 PM back at the Wind Cave Trailhead.

Teddy bears [Opuntia bigelovii] stand sentinel on the ridge.
Pilots won’t get lost when the see the Phoenix sign.
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