Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
General Crook Trail #140 Volunteer Event Day Hike
when June 17 2023
Trip Report : October 1, 2022
  Trip Report : May 14, 2022
where Mogollon Rim
the hike     In 1871, General George Crook came to Arizona Territory as Commander of the Department of Arizona. His orders were to subdue the Indians of the Territory and place them on reservations. General Crook quickly realized, he needed to move troops and supplies into the haunts of the Indians with swiftness and surprise. He departed Fort Apache in the Fall to locate and mark a supply road from Fort Apache to Fort Whipple in Prescott. He was forced near the edge of the escarpment by the deep and rugged canyons. The road remained in continual use until the Rim Road was built in 1928.
    We have partnered with the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Black Mesa Ranger District to clean up a section of the General Crook Trail #140 between Rim Top Trailhead and Carr Lake Trailhead.
    We will rendezvous at the Rim Top Trailhead and leave half the cars. The hikers will load into the other cars and drive about 5 miles up the Rim Road (FR300) to the Carr Lake Trailhead.
    We will distribute gloves and trash bags and travel SE, crossing several roads that honeycomb the area. We will cross the Woods Canyon Lake access road (FR 105) at about the halfway point before turning ESE.
    When the trail intersects the Rim Road (FR300), we will turn east and travel a short distance along the road to the Rim Top trailhead.
    The drivers will travel back to the Carr Lake Trailhead to retrieve the cars and return to the Rim Top trailhead to pick up the rest of the hikers.
    Note: This is a through hike, so we will need enough cars to transport drivers and hikers to both trailheads (EG 8-12 hikers require 4 cars minimum).
distance 5.5 miles
time 3-4 hours
elevations Rim Top Trailhead 7550', Carr Lake Trailhead 7105'
type Through Hike
starting at Carr Lake Trailhead Rim Top Trailhead Longitude: -110.8976 Latitude: 34.3057
on trail 100% — General Crook Trail #140
rating "C"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs allowed no
cost Sharing gas expenses with the driver.
The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Woods Canyon Lake
leader    You must email the leader to confirm. Co leader Neil
meet Saturday 7:00 AM in the parking lot of the Target Center on the south side of Shea Blvd., about a mile west of Highway 87 (Beeline). For those leaving their cars behind, please park up against the north curb away from Target.
Or at the Rim Top Trailhead around 8:30.
•  Rim Top Trailhead: From the intersection of State Route 87 and State Route 260 in Payson, go 29 miles east on SR 260 to Rim Road (Forest Road 300, signed for Woods Canyon Lake). Turn left and go 0.25 miles. Turn right into the trailhead parking lot.
Carr Lake Trailhead: From the Rim Top Trailhead travel 5.2 miles west on the Rim Road (Forest Road 300) and turn left at the Carr Trailhead sign (FR 9350) and continue 0.1 mile to the trailhead.

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