Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Seven Springs-Cottonwood Trail Day Hike
when Saturday, November 5, 2022
where Tonto National Forest
the hike     Join me on this 10.2 mile-loop hike located in the Upland Phase of the Sonoran Desert starting at the Seven Springs Recreational Area and featuring riparian areas with sycamore, cottonwood, willow, ash and hackberry trees.
    The trail begins on Cave Cree Trail #4 at an elevation of apx 3,300 ft that parallels Bronco Creek and intersects Cottonwood Trail #247. The trail continues to climb until we come to the intersection of Cottonwood Trail #247 and the Cottonwood Trail #246 where we will turn right.
    This relatively unused trail of moderate difficulty runs the last 7.5 miles along an old cowboy trail, passes several springs (Quien Sabe), Skunk Tank, and offers views of Skunk Ridge and Skull Mesa. The last two miles of the trail were once part of an old mining road where sections of a road can be seen heading up to an abandoned mine. We will reach the high point of the trail at 4,080 feet that intersects the Cave Creek Trail #4 on our downward climb and our lunch spot. On the Skunk Tank section of Trail #4 we will head past two crested saguaros, and lots of cottonwood, mesquite, juniper, and palo verde trees in addition to chollas, barrel cactus, and many other shrubs and grasses. Depending on the level of rain and time of the year beautiful pools of water can also be seen. We will head back to our cars. Pace: Moderate to Fast.
    Dinner afterwards in Cave Creek for those interested.
distance 10.2 miles
time 5-6 hours
elevations 3,300' to 4,100'
type round trip
starting at Seven Springs Recreational Area
on trail 100%
rating "B"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs allowed no
cost Sharing gas expenses with the driver.
The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Cave Creek
leader     You must email the leader to confirm. Limited to 15 hikers.
meet 7:00 AM in the Macdonald’s parking lot on the northeast corner of I-17 & Carefree Highway, Tramonto Marketplace. Park away from the restaurant.
•  From the Loop 101 in Scottsdale, take the Pima/Princess Road exit and go 13 miles north on Pima to Cave Creek Road (aka FR 24 and Seven Springs Road) past Seven Springs Recreational Area to the Cave Creek trailhead on the left located between MCDOT mile marker 12 and 13.
Roads are paved up to the last 10 miles which are maintained dirt/gravel, passable by passenger cars when dry.
Two minor creek crossings are required. Do not attempt after heavy rains.

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