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Brown’s Ranch Day Hike
July 8, 2021
by Billie Horn
Brown’s Ranch Trailhead
standing: Bill, Billie, Jalen, Dave G. Diane, Rich, Dave F., Neil, Julia, Riley, Steve
crouching:  Rodney

Neil Dennis led this hike. Bill McCall was the photographer. Trails were Brown’s Ranch Rd, Maverick, Cholla, Watershed and Chuckwagon, forming a lollypop.

12 hikers met before 6 AM at the Brown’s Ranch Trailhead. After introductions and a group photo, we started hiking on Brown’s Ranch Road, and after intersecting and joining other trails, arrived at our destination, The Amphitheater. This is a spot where several huge boulders came to rest, however many years ago, forming a semi enclosed circle resembling a natural amphitheater.

... and we’re off!
We’re hiking toward the sun, but it’s early.
Plenty of Sonoran vegetation on the trail.
Neil checks the map.
Sentinels of the desert.
Rocks and rilles.
The Amphitheater.

The group took a shady break here and more photos before starting the return trip. It was beginning to heat up, but with an occasional breeze everyone seemed fine.

The scenery in this area is classic desert, with many large Saguaro and Cholla cacti. Some Saguaro are still in bloom and the birds like to sit on top and feed on the blossoms.

There were a few bikers on the trails this morning, as the trails in this entire area are fairly new, smooth, well banked, and enticing to bikers. All hikers and bikers were courteous as usual. We can share the trails for the enjoyment of everyone.

Riley is King of the Hill.
Rodney tells a joke,
Everything is dry, but the Sonoran vegetation is healthy.

On the return hike, after half the group had passed the spot, those of us in the second half were startled by the sudden appearance of a long thin snake stretched across the trail. The snake was equally startled, and wasted no time slithering off into the brush so fast we could not get a picture. This was definitely not a rattlesnake but it added some excitement to the trek.

All over.

We had a great group today. Thanks to all who joined us!

12 hikers, 7 are AZ Trailblazers (includes 1 new member who signed up today)
4.83 miles
2 hours
elevation gain 233'

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updated July 12, 2021