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Piestewa Area Trails
Phoenix Mountain Preserve
June 24, 2021
by Billie Horn
Hikers ready to go.
Bill, Julia, Yanis, Billie, Diane, Neil, Jalen and Riley

Neil Dennis led this hike. Bill McCall was the photographer.

Of the 8 hikers today, 5 are AZ Trailblazer members. We met at the far east end of Squaw Peak Drive before 6:00 AM.

We’re off!
The trail has a lot of ups and downs.
See, this is how it is.
We’re gettin’ high—topographically.
Lots of trail signs.
Lots of interesting Sonoran vegetation.
Opuntia bigelovii - Teddy Bear cholla

After introductions and a group photo, we started out on the Freedom Trail, and after a series of trail changes, returned on the same trail making a large lollipop loop. The trails in this area each have more than one name or number, but since Neil hikes here often and has a good map, he has memorized the system, so was able to keep us all informed at each trail change. This was very interesting and helpful to those who may want to revisit this area on their own.

We were fortunate to have the benefit of a little cooler temperature than usual, because of a gentle rain yesterday, but the air seemed quite humid. We were on the trail before the sun peeped over the hill.

Many hikers remarked about the abundance of Saguaro blossoms and the Doves feeding on them, and also the interesting veins of Quartz running throughout the surrounding hills. There are said to be over 20 old mines too, which are covered over but still there.

Mmmm, this is tasty!
Hikers find some comfortable rocks.

The parking areas at Piestewa have been greatly expanded and improved, and it seems the project might be nearing completion. The restrooms are modern and plentiful, which adds to hiker comfort.

We all arrived back at the cars by 8:10 as planned.

8 hikers
4 mile loop
2 hours
Thanks, everyone, for coming!

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updated June 26, 2021