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Mt. Elden
October 8, 2022
by Debbie Rowray
Trailblazers ready to hike. [photo by Li]
Ron, Li, Michael, Anna, Debbie, Ken, Lisa.

Seven adventure-seeking hikers started their brisk and beautiful morning to summit Mt. Eden. The clouds were low, and at first the peak was not visible, yet we were veering ever-closer to slopes of stark golden aspens, surrounded by jagged cliffs and endless wonder. A colorful array of wildflowers also welcomed our venture.

Wildflowers cheer us. [photo by Debbie]
Wildflowers cheer us. [photo by Li]
Still poignant. [Debbie]

By the time we reached the saddle, the winds were strong and the temperature had dropped significantly. The clouds dancing around us were a constant reminder that Mother Nature could tear up on us at any time.

The remnants of a past fire in the silent tree skeletons around us were still poignant in their beauty against the mountain terrain.

Anna, Li, Debbie, Ken, Lisa. [photo by Li]
Some autumn color. [photo by Debbie]

The trail switched back steeply until this point, and then directed us towards the tower-laden peak ahead, with pines greeting us along the way.

The last section of the hike turned to a road; brilliantly hued with autumn colors, and it felt like an entirely different place on the mountain. The yellow and orange leaves lined our trail as we descended; an absolutely amazing sightly experience.

The trail turned into a road. [photo by Ron]
More autumn color. [photo by Ron]
Wildflowers cheer us. [photo by Ron]

The skies were lifting considerably, as we traversed back down the mountain, and the views opened up much more, revealing wondrous vistas. The rewards of an out-and-back hike have many various views.

More autumn color. [photo by Michael]
More autumn color. [photo by Ron]

This was a marvelous hike with some amazing people!
Thanks to Michael Humphrey for leading this hike!

13 miles
+-2400' elevation gain

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updated October 17, 2022