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Sunrise Trail
McDowell Mountains
April 13, 2022
by Junette Brock
Trailblazers ready to hike. [photo by Junette]
Lin, Wendy, Michael, Clara

Wednesday April 13, 2022. Junette led Lin, Michael, Wendy, and AZTrailblazer guest Clara on an early morning sunrise hike up Sunrise Trail to the peak.

We all arrived early. The automatic gate opened promptly at 5:45 AM, allowing us to park at the trailhead. We were on the trail before 6:00 AM.

Here comes the sun! [photo by Wendy]
The ocotillo doesn’t mind. [photo by Wendy]
Lin takes the prize-winning picture. [photo by Junette]
It isn’t an active volcano. There’s a fire. [photo by Wendy]

We were the only ones there at that time. Many birds were chirping away. The sun came up 15 minutes later. We had a beautiful and cool morning. We stopped at several saddles on the way up to rest a couple minutes. No one seemed hungry or needing much of a break at the top, so we took some more pictures and headed down. This is similar to hiking Camelback, but more remote and with very few other people on the trail. It is easy to follow and not brushy or “snake scary”.

Junette, Michael, Clara, Wendy. [photo by Lin]
pink orange
pink red
Flowers cheer us. [photos by Wendy]
The mighty MacDowells. [photo by Wendy]
What a lovely day for a hike! [photo by Junette]

We hiked 4 miles, 1034 foot gain, in 3 hours 15 minutes.

A great way to start the day!

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updated April 14, 2022