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Jacob’s Crosscut Trail Day Hike
April 1, 2023
by Michael Humphrey
group A
Twenty Trailblazers ready to see and walk though the super bloom in the Superstitions. [photo by Li]

This is super bloom time in the Superstitions. There are flowers every where. We are going to do a loop just east of the Lost Ducthman State Park. The following is just a taste of the massive number of flowers. See the links at the end of the report for even more flowers. Please note that the links are controlled by the picture owners, so my be taken down at any time.

Super bloom time. [photo by Wendy]
Two beatles out for a walk. [photo by Wendy]

We start on the Jacob Crosscut trail, then move onto the Treasure Loop to do the high side of the hike while it is still cool.

Li and the Superstitions. [photo by Tom]
The flowers just take your breath away. [photo by Wendy]

We continued on Treasure Loop to Prospector View to Siphon Draw trail. We stop for many pictures. Super blooms are rare in the desert, so get every picture that you can.

The Brittlebush goes on and on. [photo by Michael]
The orange flower in the desert. [photo by Cindy]

We travels down and around the Siphon Draw trail to the ramadas. We can have a snack break or lunch. We have a good time talking about the flowers we have seen. It is now time for more flowers as we head back to the cars. on the Saguaro, Treasure and Jacob Crosscut trail. Finally, we see the parking lot and have reached our cars.

Some puple flowers. [photo by Cindy]
Relaxing at the ramada. [photo by Wendy]
Tom howling at the Coyote. [photo by Cindy]
Note: these links are temporary. Look at the pictures while you can.

→   More pictures, by Cindy
→   More pictures, by Tom
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