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Peralta Regional Park Hike
April 29, 2023
by Michael Humphrey
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by Michael
Trailblazers are ready to try out the new park. [photo by Michael]
Terry, Diane, Ron, Namcy, Kellie, Anna, Cindy, Debbie, Carol, Sally, Kathy, Gail, Tamar.

Fourteen trailblazers met and drove to the Peralta Park parking lot on an early Saturday and easily found a parking spot. There was only one other car there. This is the newest regional park in Pinal. Phase 1 finished in November 2022. The park currently does not have water or electricity. The catus have gotten alot of water after all the rain we have had.

The saguaros were starting to bloom. [photo by Cindy]
Catus are blooming. [photo by Ron]

I was planning to do the Desperado, Saguaro and Oro Vista loops. We started off from the main parking lot and on to Desperado trail. This trail runs the perimeter of the park. We passed by the backpack/ tent area and there was no one there. With no water in the park I would expect this area to stay empty. With a car you can bring water, but backpackers can not.

Trailblazers on the trail. [photo by Ron]
Coffee Flat Mtn, they are not flat or have coffee. [photo by Ron]

This park is just south of the Coffee Flat Mtn. and on the other side is the Superstitions Wilderness. It should be interesting to see if in the future the trails in the park are connected to the trails in the Superstitions. This is a good day to try out the new trails. They have done a good job of laying out this trail.

Hikers on the trail. [photo by Ron]
Time to go up the hill. [photo by Ron]

We have now completed the Desperado trail and now it is time to try out the Saguaro trail. This park is mostly flat with just a few hills to make it interesting. The desert this year is very green. There are a plenty of saguaros in this park. As we complete this trail it is getting warm and we are back close to the cars. We will skip the other trails today and leave them for a cooler time of the year.

Green hills in the desert. [photo by Ron]
Prickypear catus in bloom. [photo by Ron]
Saguaros covering the hills. [photo by Ron]
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